Creative Monogramming

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Location: Via Zoom

Duration: 6 weekly 2.5 hour sessions (Consecutive Tuesdays)

A delicate monogram hand sewn in fine silks has long been seen as the height of sartorial sophistication. A traditional emblem of style on a gentlemen’s shirt or a gift that will be cherished forever, a monogram makes it personal. For over 100 years Savile Row tailors have been sending their shirts to Hand & Lock to monogrammed. The desire to add initials has since expanded to pyjamas, bath robes, wedding gifts, wallets, slippers, gloves, hats and more. Join us for 6 special weeks of Creative Monogramming learning this beautiful artforms from our expert embroidery tutors.

Design Transfer, Goldwork Embroidery, Thread work embroidery, Silk Thread work, decorative embellishment techniques

Throughout this course, you will master the intricate art of setting up your embroidery frame, laying the foundation for your couture creations. You will go on to discover the meticulous process of transferring intricate designs onto luxurious fabrics, employing the refined Prick and Pounce method to ensure precision in every stitch. Guided by our couture embroidery mentors, you will be expertly shown the creation of personalized monograms, infused with your unique flair. Immerse yourself in the finesse of crafting handwritten phrases and elaborate lettering, transcending mere stitches to evoke emotion and narrative through every stroke. Within this immersive chapter, you will find the freedom to source your own materials, should you aspire to infuse your signature style into independent projects. Your personal hand monogramming style will flourish under the watchful eye of our expert mentors, ensuring your creative vision harmonizes seamlessly with the techniques you've mastered.

All of the materials for this course will be sent out to you. This class will be taught on a 10 inch seat frame. You will need a 10 inch seat frame or an equivalent embroidery frame or slate frame for this class. You will need to supply you own embroidery equipment (scissors, needle threaders, daylight lights etc) to suit your learning needs.

All International Parcels will be shipped via express courier two weeks before this class is due to start. Please do not book onto this course if you are within the two week window before the course starts and you live outside of the UK. UK parcels will be shipped three days before the course is due to start. UK parcels will be shipped express via Royal Mail. Please note that the address that you book the course with will be the address that the kit is sent out to. Shipping will be calculated at the checkout.

Our online courses are delivered via Zoom using a high quality visualiser. Please download Zoom before the course begins (we will send a guide on how to do this when the course is booked). We also have an accompanying WhatsApp group for each of our courses. This group enables you to connect with other students and the tutor by sharing photos of your progress. Please download WhatsApp before the course starts (we will also send a guide on how to do this when the course is booked). All of our online course sessions and recorded and sent out after the class for you to keep forever! They are sent on a link for you to download after the class so please don't worry if you miss a session of tutoring, you can always catch up using the recording.

Tutor Profiles

Our bespoke online classes are taught be expert hand embroiderers who have worked in the couture industry for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Schiaparelli, Lanvin and Burberry to name a few. The classes will cover the basics, insider tips and practical application making sure students are fully equipped to go on and apply what they have learned to their own garments and develop their own unique styles. Our tutors are work embroiderers first and tutors second which means they are able to give you a unique insight into the magical world of couture hand embroidery.

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