“I have really enjoyed the classes. The pace is flexible. The content is taught in a very relaxed way. Lucy is very patient and answers all questions. I also appreciate that recordings are provided as well. I live in area where the internet can be uncooperative at times. Having the opportunity to refer back to the recordings, is great. I look forward to every class. Thank you for providing these classes. Living outside of the UK, I like the opportunity that online classes have provided. I would not be able to learn these new techniques without this opportunity. I look forward to taking more in the future.'

'Lots of information given about the course. I liked the addition of the tutor’s own ideas to give me further inspiration. Felt encouraged whilst taking course as it is a difficult skill. Great course. Thank you.' 

'I have completed two of the online zoom courses with Lucy Martin and I thought both were outstanding! I have already booked another 5 courses, 2 of which have just started and they look like they are going to be just as amazing. Lucy’s teaching style is relaxed but comprehensive. She has so much knowledge to share. The final projects are stunning and I have continued to use the techniques I’ve learned long after the course being completed. I have also met some wonderful people who I keep in touch with and catch up with on other course. I think the courses are very good value for money and the content and materials are fantastic.'

'The tutor's feedback was really sweet and encouraging. I am rather ambitious when it comes to technical stitch level so for me it works well to mention things that are not great yet so that I know how to improve them.'

'I wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing Goldwork course a few weeks ago. Your instruction was clear and I loved the general atmosphere of the whole week and will definitely book some more courses.'

'I did not know if the online class would be as good as my in person experience, but it was! Lucy was an exceptional teacher - she made a traditional stitch/techniques completely accessible and was encouraging throughout the classes. The technology was excellent - we were able to closely view Lucy’s stitches and receive immediate feedback about our own via What’s App'

'I've been so impressed with Hand and Lock and the tutors. The materials are exquisite. It's all just so wonderful. Also I've taken a lot of courses and Hand & Lock tutors are the best tutors out of all of them. I love that the tutor encouraged us to make the patterns our own. We can tweak the style a bit and it's not a big deal. So fun to learn techniques but not feel constrained by them.'

'The quality of teaching was impeccable, Lucy had a way of explaining things that was easy to understand, and was happy to revisit areas where we might struggle. Feedback was really helpful and I feel that Lucy went above and beyond to ensure we got the most out of the experience as was possible. Thank you for running such a fabulous course!'