Luxury Embroidery Kit



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Luxury Embroidery Kit - Gold This item is currently out of stock, Please contact us If you would like to place an order.

At Hand & Lock, we believe the secret for great embroidery lies on exceptional skill, exquisite design and the finest materials.

Assembling our Luxury Embroidery Kit, we made sure that from beads to needles, only the very best were collected from suppliers across Europe and Asia.

Available in silver or gold, embroidery essentials are arranged across four different compartments in the kit:

Compartment I:

  • Strung Gold/Silver Seed Beads 
  • Strung Gold/Silver Bugle Beads
  • Strung Gold/Silver Flat Sequins
  • Strung Silver Concave Sequins

Compartment II:

  • DMC Metalized Silver/Gold Polyester Thread
  • Anchor 100% Stranded Black Cotton Thread
  • Gold/Silver Passing
  • Gold/Silver Pearl Purl
  • Gold Bright/Silver Check Bullion
  • Gold/Silver Smooth Bullion
  • Gold/Silver Rough Bullion

Compartment III:

  • Spool of Straw-coloured Fil à Gant 
  • Spool of  Old-silver-coloured Fil à Gant Metallic Silver Thread 
  • Spool of Guttermann Premium Sewing Thread

Compartment IV:

  • Beeswax
  • Soft String Padding for Bump
  • Carbon Steel Chenille Needle
  • Carbon Steel Framing Needle
  • 2x Carbon Steel No. 12 Sharps

Please note that instructions are not included in the kit. For that purpose, we thoroughly recommend our book Fashion Embroidery: Embroidery Techniques and Inspiration for Haute Couture Clothing.

The box measures 23cm x 16cm x 5.5cm and includes a booklet with 12 inspirational designs for you to try out at home.