Contemporary Embroidered Art with Copperlight Studio

Hand & Lock


Location: Hand & Lock School for Embroidery and Creative Arts, 86 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8TE 

Date: 22nd-23rd July 2023 

Time: 10:00am-4:30pm 

During this 2 day class, you will be working with guest tutor Isabel to create a contemporary piece of embroidery art. The class will allow for you to take your own artistic direction creating a piece unique to you with the help and guidance of Isabel who has over 10 years experience embroidering for brands like Burberry, and Netflix show Bridgerton, and has sold and exhibited her embroidery art in exhibitions worldwide.
The class will teach you to develop an embroidery design from start to finish, from building a colour scheme, selecting fabrics, threads and beads, and plotting your design. You will learn a combination of hand embroidery and bead work techniques to build a free flowing design based on the concept of ‘painting with stitch’. Isabel will have a selection of her finished art pieces in the studio for you to use as inspiration and will guide you through the process of creating a piece of embroidery art, giving you an insight into how embroidery is developed in the industry and leaving you with embroidery skills you can utilise on many other projects!

About the Artist: 

Isabel Greenslade is a hand embroidery artist and couture embellisher, specialising in contemporary hand embroidery and beading.

The art Isabel creates is inspired by the concept of ‘painting with stitch’ using hand embroidery and beadwork without a set plan or direction for an abstract finish not typically associated with the craft of embroidery. Her work mixes different stitch types together with beading entirely by hand allowing each element to be considered and added to over time.

Alongside creating embroidered art in her studio, Isabel works as a freelance embellisher, beading and embroidering for fashion, film and tv. She uses social media as a platform to promote and sell her work, and can be found under the name of @copperlight_studio

For any of our in person courses please feel free to bring your own Magnifying Glasses or Lamps. We will supply needle threaders for you if required.  

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