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Try this mini creative project to inspire your work at home. An easy flower design from our head designer Scott Heron. This is a great way to make use of leftovers from your other embroidery projects:

The kit includes:

5x lucite petal beads, 24x Glass seed beads, yellow coloured thread to match beads, beading needle.


step one;
Choose an area on your garment like the cuff, collar or breast pocket area, bring needle and thread up through the fabric, and pick up a petal bead, sew down and pick up the next making sure that your last petal bead overlaps slightly..step two 
Making sure your petal arrangement resembles a flower formation you are now ready to sew in your seed beads. First, bring the needle and thread up through the hole of the first petal bead.  Pull through and the pick up three seed beads with your needle, push these down to  the base of the petal  with your fingers, pick up a fourth bead and then take the needle and thread through the first three beads only.  The fourth will act as a barrier for the thread.  Carry this on for all five petals, with a sixth in the very centre.  You will then have a finished flower, with the beads resembling the pollen and stigma.
You can repeat this beading technique throughout your garment, creating a unique look to any part, like the collar, cuff or breast pocket.

*Please note: Colours may vary slightly*