Group Classes at Hand & Lock

Discover the world of bespoke hand embroidery in Britain's oldest embroidery house with Hand & Lock’s bespoke group class packages. Taught in our beautifully renovated School for Embroidery, each class takes you on a magical journey through the history of hand embroidery through to modern day contemporary application.

Ideally situated in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia district, The Hand & Lock School for Embroidery is just a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus station. Each class is taught by our expert hand embroidery tutors who are each practising artists within the industry & are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Specialists in Goldwork since 1767, our classes provide an insight into the possibilities of working with Gold metal bullions. Goldwork is the art of embroidery using metal threads. Historically associated with ceremonial and military uniform, the technique is now also popular in customisation, couture & interior design. Using threads that are imitation gold, silver, copper or coloured allows embroiderers to create metallic surface designs that reflect the light and create dazzling effects. 

We have two class formats, each of which can be organised to accommodate a date & time to suit you.

3 Hour Goldwork Hand Embroidery Masterclass

Immerse yourself in the luxurious art of goldwork embroidery with our comprehensive three-hour introductory course at Hand & Lock. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this workshop offers a hands-on experience that will guide you through the fundamentals of this timeless craft.

What You'll Learn:

You will start by discovering the rich history of goldwork, exploring its origins in ancient civilizations and tracing its evolution to modern applications in fashion and art. Next, you will get acquainted with the essential tools and materials, including different types of gold threads, needles, and fabrics. Under the guidance of our expert tutors, you will learn and practise foundational goldwork stitches such as couching, padding, and chipping (each depending on the design you have selected)

Throughout the course you will benefit from personalised instruction by Hand & Lock’s experienced embroiderers, ensuring you receive ample attention and support as you develop your skills. This fully immersive, practical learning experience provides all the materials and tools you need, which are yours to keep and continue practising with after the course. With limited class sizes (with a maximum of 12 students), you will enjoy a supportive and interactive environment that fosters learning and creativity.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of goldwork embroidery basics, an appreciation for its artistic and historical significance, and the confidence to embark on your own goldwork projects. Join us at Hand & Lock and start your journey into the enchanting world of goldwork embroidery!

Course Cost: 

A private three hour course using designs we have at Hand & Lock costs £360 for 1-6 people with an additional £30 per additional student up to a maximum of 12 students. 

If you would like to learn more about Hand & Lock and take a tour around our studios we can combine your three hour course with a private tour - please make sure to make a note of this in your enquiry

Full Day Goldwork Bespoke Masterclass

Dive into the opulent world of goldwork embroidery with our full-day course at Hand & Lock. Ideal for both beginners and enthusiasts, this workshop provides an extensive, hands-on experience, teaching you the finer details of this exquisite craft.

Your course will begin with an exploration of goldwork’s rich history, tracing its roots from ancient civilizations to its current uses in fashion and art. Throughout the day, you will familiarise yourself with the essential tools and materials, such as various gold threads, needles, and fabrics. Guided by our expert tutors, you will master foundational goldwork stitches, including couching, padding, and chipping (depending on the designs and motifs selected).

With plenty of time to hone your techniques, you will have the opportunity to create a detailed goldwork piece, applying the stitches and methods you’ve learned to Hand & Lock’s provided design template. Our experienced embroiderers will offer personalised instruction, ensuring you receive dedicated attention and support. This immersive class includes all necessary materials and tools, which you can take home to continue practising. With small class sizes, you will benefit from an interactive and supportive learning environment.

By the end of this full-day workshop, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of goldwork embroidery, an appreciation for its historical and artistic significance, and the confidence to start your own goldwork projects. 

Course Cost: 

A private three hour course using designs we have at Hand & Lock costs £750 for 1-6 people with an additional £50 per additional student up to a maximum of 12 students.

All of the equipment & materials for the day will be provided.

Upon successful completion of the class, students receive an official bespoke Hand & Lock certificate detailing the new skills mastered

For those who wish to delve deeper into the art of goldwork embroidery, Hand & Lock offers advanced courses tailored to your specific interests and skill level. Whether you want to explore complex techniques or work on intricate designs, our expert tutors can create a customised curriculum to meet your needs.

Please contact us via to discuss your requirements and schedule a personalised advanced goldwork class.