The Platinum Jubilee Kit & Fashion Embroidery Book


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The Platinum Jubilee Kit & Fashion Embroidery Book 


Designs inspired by H.M. The Queen’s extensive personal jewellery collection - said to include more than 300 pieces!

Design 1 - Queen Elizabeth's Jardine Star Brooch
Design 2 - Queen Elizabeth’s Cullinan V Brooch.
Design 3 - Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee Snowflake Brooch

Silver Smooth x 5g

Silver Rough x 5g
Silver Bright Check x 5g
5mm Clear Glass Rondel x 8
Clear Seed Beads x 5g
Silver Bugle Beads x 5g
Large Pearls x 8
Swarovski AB Crystal x 1
Gold Smooth x 5g
Gold Rough x 5g
Gold Bright Check x 5g
Gold Pearl Purl x 1 metre
Lilac Anchor Thread 00108 x 1
Purple Anchor Thread 00102 x 1
BUL 26.1 x 5g
BUL 21.1 x 5g
White Petal Sequin x 2g
Small Pearls x 5g
Swarovski Aquamarine Crystal x 1
5mm Aquamarine Rondel x 8
White Cupped Sequin x 2g
Blue Flat Sequin x 2g
Blue Flat Back Crystal x 12

Design Cards x3 double sided
Printed fabric designs

In a Hand & Lock tin


This practical step-by-step guide to haute couture embroidery covers everything from machine and hand stitching, to tambour beading, goldwork and monogramming.

Whether you are stitching a flower on your favourite jacket, adding sparkling beads to a new dress or creating a goldwork embellishment, Fashion Embroidery teaches you how to add a unique touch to your clothes.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Jessica Pile, the Production Director at Hand & Lock embroidery, explores the intricate techniques used in fashion embroidery. With hand-drawn designs, catwalk photographs and step-by-step guides, this book is perfect for beginners looking to personalise their own clothes, as well as more experienced embroiderers who want to apply new techniques to different fabrics.

Beginning with an inspirational overview of the fashion industry, Jessica looks at examples of embroideries and embellishments by a variety of couturiers, including Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hardy Amies and Burberry. The book then demonstrates the basics of three main techniques – goldwork, tambour beading and embroidery stitches including silk shading, satin and stem stitch. In do-it-yourself projects, Jessica first helpfully explains the basics of materials; she teaches you how to pick the right fabric, what tools to use, where to source materials, what types of wire or beads to use and terminology. Taking influences from existing couture designs, she then shows you how to execute these learned techniques onto your own clothes.

This book is perfect for fashion students, textile artists, and those who want a more unique look to their clothes

'This is a wonderful book, beautifully illustrated with close-up photographs of couture embroidery'
Samantha Packer

About the author

Jessica Pile is the youngest Production Director in the history of Hand & Lock, renowned embroidery specialists working in the heart of London. Trained in Theatrical costume design at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she joined Hand & Lock as an intern in 2010 before working her way up to Production Director in 2014. A perfectionist with a great work ethic, Jessica has an extensive understanding of costume construction and couture embroidery. She has worked for a variety of artists and high-profile fashion labels, including Gilbert & George, Mary Katrantzou and Burberry.


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