Weekend Goldwork Workshop


Goldwork in Couture Level One
Suitable for beginners and novices alike.
London, UK

Location: Hand & Lock, 86 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8TE
Daily Time: 10:00 - 4:30 with 1 hour lunch break (not provided) 

Goldwork is the art of embroidery using metal threads. Historically associated with ceremonial and military uniform the technique is now also popular in customisation, couture and interior design. Using threads that are imitation gold, silver, copper, or coloured allows embroiderers to create metallic surface designs that reflect light and create dazzling effects.

Hand & Lock invite you to discover the fine art of Goldwork in our London based studio. Over the course of one intense weekend, s
tudents will learn fundamentals such as setting up a full size frame, transferring their designs, soft string padding, felt padding before learning the more complex elements such as pearl purl and cut work.


 - Introduction to Hand & Lock.
 - Full size frame set up. 
 - Transferring design onto fabric.
 - Soft string padding.

 - Soft string padding (continuation).  - Felt padding.  - Cut work.