ONLINE -Six Week Goldwork Class




Online Goldwork Intensive - six week course.

Level 1 & 2

*Suitable for beginners*

Series of six, three hour online classes designed to introduce budding embroiderers to a selection of techniques we use here at Hand & Lock. These classes cover the basic techniques of goldwork, with cutwork, passing, padding and practical application following on, making sure students are fully equipped for more advanced work. Hand & Lock are proud to share our impressive know how and experience in this field.

These special online classes show the embroidery stitches from multiple points of view so learning the techniques is as similar to a real class experience. The classes will cover the basics, insider tips and practical application making sure students are fully equipped to go on and apply what they have learned to their own garments and develop their own unique styles.

The six week takes place on consecutive Tuesdays  or Thursdays 

Classes are provided through Zoom and students are sent a special link to watch join the live class.

All class materials are provided in advance and posted to students. International students welcome - worldwide shipping included

Download the Zoom software here

Upon successful completion of the class students receive an official Hand & Lock certificate detailing the new skills mastered |  For more information please contact

* Please note, class bookings are non refundable

Please note this is an approximate itinerary and maybe subject to minor alternations.

Week 1

  •  A Brief History of Hand & Lock and the art of Goldwork
  •  Looking at examples of Goldwork and the materials used
  •  Set up a frame
  •  How to thread a n.12 needle properly and how to knot the end
  •  Talking about the process of pricking and pouncing
  •  Start to embroider the first type of padding: Felt padding
  •  Demonstration and practice of couching the passing thread over felt padding and learn how to tidy the back

    Week 2

    •  Recap over the previous week.
    •  Demonstration and practice of how to plunge the passing through the fabric and tie off at the back.
    •  Demonstration and practice of Pearl Purl
    •  Demonstration and practice of Chips over felt padding
    •  Demonstration and practice of the last type of padding: String padding

    Week 3

    •  Recap over the previous week.
    •  Demonstration of how to manipulate the bullion and cut it
    •  Demonstration and practice of cutwork over string padding
    •  Final recap over techniques.
    •  Start a new design (Level 2)
    •  Demonstration and practice of Felt and String padding
    •  Demonstration and practice of using Plate.

    Week 4 

    • Recap over the previous week.
    • Demonstration and practice of Looping
    • Demonstrations and practice of Nué

    Week 5

    • Recap over the previous week.
    • Demonstration and practice of Brick stitch
    • Demonstration of how to use cutwork with different types of materials and how to use S-ing.

    Week 6

    •  Recap over techniques that were covered in the day prior.
    •  Continue to use cutwork with different types of materials and how to use S-ing
    •  Continue with embroidery design working on areas that have not been completed.
    •  Final questions and additional help from a tutor if required.