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The Platinum Jubilee Kit


Hand & Lock


The Platinum Jubilee Kit

Designs inspired by H.M. The Queen’s extensive personal jewellery collection - said to include more than 300 pieces!

Design 1 - Queen Elizabeth's Jardine Star Brooch
Design 2 - Queen Elizabeth’s Cullinan V Brooch.
Design 3 - Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire Jubilee Snowflake Brooch


Silver Smooth x 5g
Silver Rough x 5g
Silver Bright Check x 5g
5mm Clear Glass Rondel x 8
Clear Seed Beads x 5g
Silver Bugle Beads x 5g
Large Pearls x 8
Swarovski AB Crystal x 1
Gold Smooth x 5g
Gold Rough x 5g
Gold Bright Check x 5g
Gold Pearl Purl x 1 metre
Lilac Anchor Thread x 1
Purple Anchor Thread x 1
BUL 26.1 x 5g
BUL 21.1 x 5g
White Petal Sequin x 2g
Small Pearls x 5g
Swarovski Aquamarine Crystal x 1
5mm Aquamarine Rondel x 8
White Cupped Sequin x 2g
Blue Flat Sequin x 2g
Blue Flat Back Crystal x 12

Design Cards x3 double sided
Printed fabric designs

In a Hand & Lock tin


1-2 weeks delivery time


The designs include a basic stitch plan, but do not include instructions on how to execute the embroidery. If you are new to embroidery we would recommend purchasing this book to help guide you through the process.