Lips Embroidered Mask




Lips Embroidered Mask This item is currently out of stock, or only available on pre-order.

Introducing our Lips embroidered face mask. The mask is made with the highest quality materials and skilfully embroidered by digital machine with a motif of your choice from the selection above. 

Be safe and chic! Wear your mask with pride and express your love and appreciation for exquisite embroidery. Our reusable face masks have three-layers and comfort grip ear loops.

Can't find one you like? Get in contact if you would like your own personal motif and we can provide a quote.


Mask width: 21 cms / Mask height: 12 cms/ Ear loops: 13cms

Three layers: Cotton/Polypropylene/Polyester blend

Other: Adjustable fit nose wire / Machine washable / designed for adults

Please note, our embroidered masks meet government guidelines for day-to-day face-coverings but are not an official medically tested product. They are not suitable for high risk environments such as hospitals or care homes.