Goldwork Purl Bullion 5g - Various Colours

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We offer a range of over 80 colours of professional embroidery bullion wires for Goldwork. Coloured Bullion can be used for lots of different embroidery techniques. It is most commonly used over a technique called soft string padding. The metal is applied with a technique called cutwork. 

Coloured Bullion is a tiny coil which is created by wrapping a very thin piece of metal around a very small rod. You can then add different effects to the rod to get different effects with the final Bullion. There are over 50 different colours of bullion with different effects (some are smooth, some are rough, some are bright and some are wire check). 

Used by professional embroiderers for all kinds of Goldwork embroidery, they are available in traditional matt and metallic colours as well as other more dynamic shades.

This high quality bullion is used by our Hand & Lock embroiderers in our hand embroidery studio and our professional tutors in their goldwork classes. 


Sold in multiples of 5 grams.

Please note that screen colours may not appear like real colours.