Hand & Lock run a fantastic selection of classes throughout the year. Use the Month search to check which classes are on when you are free.

Hand & Lock's most popular class, Tambour beading explores the delicate art of using a tambour hook and holder to apply beads and sequins. The technique is favoured for it's speed, accuracy and finesse. 

If Tambour beading isn't for you, we offer Contemporary beading classes as well.

The Introduction to embroidery class is an ideal way to discover the basic principles of embroidery. Students will learn a selection of decorative stitches as well as techniques for attaching beads and sequins to materials.

Goldwork is the art of embroidery using metal threads. It is particularly prized for the way light plays on it. The term 'goldwork' is used even when the threads are imitation gold, silver, or copper, or coloured allowing for an array of textures and colours to express your vision in.

Silkshading is also called 'painting with a needle and thread'  for good reason. This expressive technique allows embroiderers to create textile designs as colourful and dynamic as any painting or photograph.

A delicate monogram hand sewn in fine silks has long been seen as the height of sartorial sophistication. Hand & Lock run classes throughout they teaching the essential basics. Classes run thoughout the year in the UK and overseas. Check here for upcoming classes.

Contemporary Beading combines classic embroidery techniques with current design aesthetics. Popular with emerging designers, this embroidery style evokes experimentation and creativity whilst feeling thoroughly modern.

Hand & Lock USA

Setting up home for one week at the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design, Hand & Lock will be teaching Tambour beading and monogramming. 

Setting up home for one week in historic Williamsburg, Hand & Lock will be teaching the embroidery technique, Tambour beading and monogramming.