Heritage, the Now and the Future of Embroidery Conference - Chicago

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Heritage, the Now and the Future of Embroidery Conference - ChicagoOver the course of the day our talks will be divided into three areas: ‘Heritage’, ‘The Now’ and ‘The Future’. Each topic will be explored with the help of a panel talk, an expert guest speaker and conclude with a hosted interactive Q&A session.

Date: Thursday 8 June 2017
Time: 10.00 16.00
Duration: 6 hours
Location: Claudia Cassidy Theater, Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States.

Speakers include: 

Fashion historian and author, Amber Butchart / Designer and Artist, Katrin Schnabl/ Professor of Art History, Nancy Feldman / Writer and Artist, Lisa Vinebaum /Professor of Fashion Design, Caroline Bellios / Fibre Artist, Aram Han Sifuentes / Artist, Nelly Agassi / The Art Institute of Chicago’s Isaac Facio / Professor of Art History, Gillion Carrara/ Executive Director of the Chicago Fashion Incubator, Tonya Gross/ Millinery artist, Eia Radosavljevic

Read the speaker bios here to find out more

The Conference:

At the start of the day in the ‘Heritage’ talk, attendees will learn about the nuanced history of embroidery as a means of religious and secular expression, and how the practice evolved into a means of personal fashionable expression. We will discuss the origins of the techniques still used today and how (or how little) they have changed. Finally, attendees will gain an understanding of the issues practitioners have faced in recent history and how they have overcome these issues to get to where they are now.


In the ‘Now’ section we will explore how contemporary embroidery is at once a craft, an art and tool fashion designers use to add luxury to their collections.

Our panel and guest speakers will share their experiences as working designers and embroiderers in the 21st Century and discuss what impact recent economic, technological and social changes have had on their output.

In the afternoon session our speakers will turn their attention to the ‘Future of Embroidery’ and attempt to predict the impact technology and globalisation will have on the practice of embroidery. The Q&A is your chance to voice your thoughts and ideas and have the panel share their expert opinion on how they expect the field of embroidery to evolve over the next century.