Festival of Embroidery Evening Talk: Quintana's 'The Importance of Couture Craftsmanship' 14/07/15

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This year we are delighted to announce that Haute Couture evening wear designer Quintana is presenting a talk titled 'The Importance of Couture Craftsmanship and Why to Keep It Alive' as part of the Hand & Lock Festival of Embroidery.

This talk comprises a brief look into the historical art of couture and the manner in which it is preserved in contemporary couture houses, drawing on the couturier’s near 20 years experience in the field.
The process of creating a bespoke pattern through to the hand finishing techniques used at Quintana will be discussed, highlighting differences to high end production with strong emphasis on the importance of fine detail, strength, and extreme accuracy which distinguish this art from other areas of the of the clothing industry. The talk will speak about the preservation of couture craftsman ship and why it is so important. Examples from Quintana’s signature collections will be examined so that the audience can visualise the inherent beauty and craftsmanship that make each couture piece a unique possession to treasure for life.

The talk will be held at the Hand & Lock Studio at 86 Margaret Street, London and will begin at 6.30pm with a drinks reception at 6.00pm

After 12 years in couture and luxury fashion , working across European brands and opening first his American atelier, Juan Carlos Quintana decided to open a Couture House in London. Quintana's philosophy derives from artistic pursuit; the passion is in the craft and his inspiration is a feminine woman who delights in luxury and individuality. Quintana's passion for colour and texture derives from his Guatemalan roots. His couture knowledge was further honed by the tutoring of two Spanish masters from the school of Balenciaga.

Set over two floors and looking into a Victorian courtyard, Quintana manages a small and talented team who carry out all of the design and workmanship in-house. Every step must be overseen as a Haute Couture finish requires the highest levels of detail and expertise. From importing luxurious and exotic textiles, to hand finishing with crystal beads and silk thread, every element of the finish is strictly monitored in the London based Atelier. Nothing in his house is mass-produced; every single piece is artisan and has been created with one woman in mind. In a sense, she is his muse.

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